Ice Age Mammals of North America

A Guide to the Big, the Hairy, and the Bizarre

Colorfully illustrated descriptions of strange and marvelous beasts form the heart of this great book. You'll learn about the geologic events that led to the ice ages, along with possible causes for the mass extinctions of so many species. Fun sidebars explore such topics as the enormous size of some Ice Age animals and how DNA analysis is revolutionizing our knowledge of them. You'll even discover sites where you can view remains of these fascinating creatures today. This 7 1/2 " x 9 1/2" paperback has 226 pages that are packed with detailed information about these mysterious creatures. See table of contents below.

Ice Age Mammals of North America:A Guide to the Big, the Hairy, and the BizarreTable of Contents

1. Dinosaurs and Woolly Mammoths1
2. A Cast of Continents9
3. The Pleistocene Epoch21
4. Why the Ice Ages?49
5. The Pleistocene Animals65
Xenarthrans or Edentates - Order Xenarthra - Sloths and Armadillos69
Carnivores - Order Carnivora92
Rodents - Order Rodentia117
Odd-Toed Ungulates - Order Perissodactyla - Horses, Rhinos, and Tapirs121
Even-Toed Ungulates - Order Artiodactyla - Deer, Bison, and Camels137
Elephants and Their Relatives - Order Proboscidea163
6. Extinctions: Why Are The Big Guys Gone?181
Appendix I. Selected Sites to Visit: Museums, Fossil Sites, and Web Sites199