Gem Trails of Nevada

Visit the places where experienced rock and mineral collectors have found success! Detailed descriptions, photos and maps guide you to some of the best gem collecting sites in the state. Second edition. This book is a 6" x 9" paperback with 192 pages.

Gem Trails of NevadaTable of Contents

Mineral Highlights6
Places of Interest8
About the Collecting Sites9
Rockhound Rules11
Hints for Collecting Minerals12
Hints for Collecting Gem Materials13
Government Agencies List14
Rock and Mineral Societies15
Map Legend17
Key Sites to Locator Map18
Nevada Site Map19
Region I
1. Garnet Hill Garnet20
2. Connors Pass Calcite22
3. Jackrabbit Minerals24
4. Hamilton Fossils and Minerals26
5. Palisade Agate28
6. Tuscarora Minerals30
7. Cornucopia Junction Fossils32
8. Hanks Creek Jasper34
9. Jarbidge Fossils36
10. Hubbard Basin Wood and Geodes38
11. Contact Minerals40
12. Texas Spring Limb Casts42
13. Goose Creek Bogwood44
14. Jackpot Onyx46
15. Rabbit Springs Nodules48
16. Immigrant Canyon Fossils50
17. Crittenden Spring Ammonites52
Region II
18. Daisy Creek Petrified Wood54
19. McDermitt Wonderstone and Wood56
20. McDermitt Minerals58
21. McDermitt Agate and Petrified Wood60
22. Denio Minerals62
23. Rainbow Ridge Opal64
24. Royal Peacock Opal66
25. Big Springs Obsidian68
26. Cedarville Petrified Wood70
27. Cedarville Agate and Wood72
28. Davis Creek Obsidian74
29. Nellie Springs Opalite76
30. Vya to Gerlach Minerals78
Tumble Polishing Rocks80
Color Specimen Insert81
31. Royal Rainbow Opal Mine90
32. Trinity Mountains Agate92
33. Lovelock Agate94
34. Buena Vista Valley Minerals96
35. Dago Pass Minerals98
Region III
36. Sun Valley Copper Ores100
37. Fernley Agate102
38. Lake Lahontan Agate104
39. Ramsey Agate106
40. Silver Springs Chalcedony108
41. Silver Springs Selenite110
42. Mason Pass Minerals112
43. Red Mountain Fossils114
44. Fallon Wonderstone116
45. Fallon Agate118
46. Middlegate Opal and Fossils120
47. Bell Canyon Agate122
48. Middlegate Minerals124
49. Buffalo Canyon Fossils and Opalite126
50. Quartz Mountain Minerals and Wood128
51. Monte Cristo Jasper130
52. Gabbs Opalized Wood132
53. Union Canyon Ammonites134
54. Dunlap Canyon Sea Fossil136
55. Petes Summit Fossil Shells138
56. Deep Springs Smoky Quartz140
57. Basalt Jasper142
58. The Sump Minerals and Apache Tears144
59. Fish Lake Valley Obsidian146
60. Coaldale Jasper and Agate148
61. Sodaville Minerals150
62. Crow Springs Apache Tears152
63. Tonopah Jasper154
64. Goldfield Minerals156
Region IV
65. Stonewall Agate158
66. Mount Dunfee Trilobites160
67. Lida Wood and Agate162
68. Scotty's Junction Apache Tears164
69. Highway 95 Apache Tears and Chalcedony166
70. Beatty Chalcedony168
71. Meiklejohn Peak Fossils170
72. Carrara Marble172
73. Emigrant Pass Trilobites174
74. Buffington Pockets Agate and Chalcedony176
75. Three Kids Mine Minerals178
Mineral Locator Index180
Other Titles Available191