Exotic Gems Volume 2:

How to Identify and Buy Alexandrite, Andalusite, Chrysoberyl Cat's-eye, Kyanite, Common Opal, Fire Opal, Dinosaur Gembone, Tsavorite, Rhodolite and Other Garnets

Profusely illustrated, Exotic Gems II helps you see and understand gemstones. Detailed information about the pricing factors used for colored gemstones and gemstone appraisal. Then detailed descriptions for alexandrite, andalusite, chrysoberyl cat's eye, kyanite, common opal, fire opal, dinosaur gembone, tsavorite, rhodolite and other garnets. You will know a lot about these gems when you read Exotic Gems II! This book is a 6" x 9" paperback with 154 pages.

Exotic Gems Volume 2Table of Contents

1. Exotic Gems9
2. Chrysoberyl12
Geographic Sources of Chrysoberyl12
Metaphysical Properties of Chrysoberyl15
Identifying Characteristics of Chrysoberyl15
Evaluation of Single-Color Chrysoberyl and Pricing Ranges17
Caring for Chrysoberyl17
3. Cat's-eye Chrysoberyl18
Geographic Sources of Cat's-eye Chrysoberyl19
Metaphysical Properties of Cat's-eye19
Other Stones that Resemble Cat's-eye Chrysoberyl20
Evaluation of Cat's-eye Chrysoberyl and Pricing Ranges20
4. Alexandrite23
Geographic Sources of Alexandrite24
Identification of Alexandrite24
Metaphysical Properties of Alexandrite27
Evaluation of Alexandrite and Pricing Ranges27
5. Agatized Dinosaur Bone and Poop30
Basic Identification Data of Material in Dinobone Cells32
Coprolite (Fossilized Animal Excrement)32
Where are Gembone and Coprolite Found?32
Evaluation of Gembone and Pricing Ranges32
Evaluation of Coprolite and Pricing Ranges35
Dinosaur Gembone Imitations and Assembled Stones41
Caring for Dinosaur Gembone and Coprolite43
Metaphysical Properties of Dino Bone43
6. Andalusite44
Geographic Sources of Andalusite45
Identifying Characteristics of Andalusite45
Metaphysical Properties of Andalusite and Chiastolite47
Evaluation of Andalusite and Pricing Ranges48
Caring for Andalusite48
7. Kyanite49
Geographic Sources of Kyanite53
Metaphysical Properties of Kyanite53
Identifying Characteristics of Kyanite53
Evaluation of Kyanite and Pricing Ranges56
Caring for Kyanite56
8. Sillimanite57
Geographic Sources of Sillimanite58
Identifying Characteristics of Sillimanite58
Evaluation of Sillimanite and Pricing Ranges60
9. Common Opal61
Classification of Opal62
Types of Common Opal62
Metaphysical Properties of Opal74
Evaluation and Pricing of Common Opal75
10. Fire Opal76
Why "Fire Opal" is a Confusing Term76
Geographic Sources of Fire Opal79
Opal Treatments and Assembled Stones79
Identifying Traits of Natural, Synthetic and Imitation Opal82
Metaphysical Properties of Fire Opal90
Pricing and Evaluation of Fire Opal90
Caring for Opal94
11. The Garnet Group95
Garnet Chemistry100
Naming Gem Garnets100
Identifying Garnets102
How a Master Cutter Cuts a Garnet106
A Word from A Master Cutter about Garnet111
Caring for Garnets112
12. Demantoid and other Andradites113
Pricing and Evaluation of Demantoid116
Rainbow Garnet118
Metaphysical Properties of Andradites119
13. Red Garnets120
Rhodolite and Grape Garnet122
Pricing and Evaluation of Red Garnets124
Metaphysical Properties of Garnets125
14. Spessartine126
Geographic Sources of Spessartine130
Pricing and Evaluation of Spessartine132
15. Malaya and Color-Change Garnets133
Color-Change Garnet136
16. Tsavorite and Other Grossulars137
Mint Garnet140
Hessonite or Grossular140
Pink Hydrogrossular and Grossular142
Mali Garnet143
Metaphysical Properties of Grossular145
Appendix: Where to Find an Appraiser146