Rockhounding California

"A field guide to some of the state's best rockhounding sites!" This book is a 6" x 9" paperback with 190 pages, descriptions, maps and photos.

Rockhounding CaliforniaTable of Contents

Site Locationsvii
The Landscape1
Earthquake Country3
Sites to See3
California Wildlife7
Desert Travel8
California's Mineral Highlights9
Legends and Lore of Gems and Minerals13
Rockhound's Vocabulary13
Rockhound Rules17
How to Use This Guide19
Rockhound Access to Commercial Mines22
Rockhounding Sites in Southern California
1. Fire Agate at Opal Hill Mine23
2. Pebble Terrace27
3. Black and Paisley Agate28
4. Crystal-filled Amygdules30
5. Hauser Geode Beds32
6. Psilomelane near Wiley Well36
7. Chalcedony Rose Garden and Grossular Crystals at Augustine Pass38
8. Chuckwalla Well Agate and Jasper42
9. Psilomelane at Arlington Mine44
10. Orocopia Bloodstone46
11. Orocopia Fluorspar48
12. Eagle Mountain Kaiser Mine51
13. Big River Botryoidal Chalcedony, Quartz, Jasper, and Agate53
14. Turtle Mountains Snowy Chalcedony Roses56
15. Lake Havasu Agate58
16. Dendritic White Opalite at Goffs61
17. Danby Opalite and Agate63
18. Fossil Trilobites and Marble at Cadiz65
19. Marble Mountains Garnet and Hematite67
20. Kelbaker Road Nodules and Chalcedony69
21. Providence Mountains Iron Minerals71
22. Old Camp Carnelian and Chalcedony Roses73
23. Ludlow Gems75
24. West of Ludlow Chalcedony, Calcite, and More77
25. Hector Agates and Jasper78
26. Pisgah Crater Volcanic Adventure80
27. Lavic Siding Jasper and Agate82
28. West of Hector Blue Chalcedony, Jasper, and Agate83
29. Newberry Nodules84
30. Orbicular Rhyolite at Grandview Mine86
31. Marble Quarry off Stoddard Well Road88
32. Opal Mountain Opal and Agate90
33. Onyx and Borate Minerals in Mule Canyon93
34. Hilltop Agate and Jasper at Mineola Road95
35. Alvord Mine Copper Minerals and Calcite97
36. Field Road Agates99
37. Afton Canyon Collectibles101
38. Turquoise at Old Toltec Mine103
39. Clark Mountain Copper and Lead Minerals105
40. Old Zabriskie Station Precious Opal106
41. Sperry Wash Fossils, Petrified Wood, and Agate108
42. Gem Hill Agate, Rhyolite, and Common Opal109
43. San Gabriel River Gold111
44. Wrightwood Actinolite113
45. In-Ko-Pah Asterated Quartz and Moonstone Feldspar115
46. Coyote Mountains Fossils and More117
Rockhounding Sites in Coastal California
47. Patrick's Point Beach Agates120
48. Agate Beach Jasper, Agate, and Petrified Wood121
49. Beach-washed Jade and Actinolite at Jade Cove123
50. Moonstone Beach124
51. Jalama Beach Agate, Fossils, and Marcasite127
52. Gaviota Beach Petrified Whale Bone and Fossils129
53. Southern Coast Beachcombing131
54. Palos Verdes Beach Barite Crystals131
Rockhounding Sites in Northern California
55. Anderson Lake Agate and Jasper135
56. Mother Lode Mariposite137
57. Eureka Valley Smoky Quartz Crystals138
58. Peterson Mountain Quartz Crystals140
59. Antelope Lake Rose Quartz142
60. Taylorville Fossils144
61. Buck's Lake Serpentine147
62. Pulga Californite in Serpentine149
63. Rich Bar Gold152
64. Feather River Serpentine154
65. Willard Creek Agate and Jasper155
66. Susanville Agates and Petrified Wood156
67. Cedarville Petrified Wood159
68. Davis Creek Obsidian Varieties161
69. Lassen Creek Rainbow and Green-Sheen Obsidian164
70. Shasta Area Copper Minerals166
71. Eel River Jade and Crocidolite168
72. Colorful Jasper and Jade near Covelo170
73. Hearst Collectibles172
74. Black Butte Reservoir Showy Jasper174
75. Goat Mountain Moss Agate176
Appendix A: Sources Used for this Guide179
Appendix B: Further Reading and Information179
Appendix C: Rockhound Clubs and Organizations180
About the Author187