Phenomenal Gems

A wonderful introduction to gemstones that exhibit some optical phenomenon, including: aventurescence, chatoyance, asterism, adularescence, iridescence, fluorescence, color change and more. Learn all about the gems that display these special effects and what is happening in the stone to produce them. Lots of great photos! A phenomenal book by Fred and Charlotte Ward. This book is a 6" x 9" paperback with 64 pages. From the Fred Ward Gem Book Series.

Phenomenal GemsTable of Contents

Part I: Light and Inclusions4
Chapter 1: MIRRORS (Aventurescence)7
Chapter 2: EYES (Chatoyance)11
Chapter 3: STARS (Asterism)17
Part II: Light and Architecture20
Chapter 4: COMPOUND EYES (Chatoyance and Shimmer)23
Chapter 5: GLOW29
Moonstone (Adularescence)29
Chapter 6: IRIDESCENCE33
Labradorite, Rainbow Agate, Fire Agate, and Iris Quartz (Iridescence)33
Pearl and Shell (Iridescence)37
Ammonite (Iridescence)43
Conch, Scallop, and Melo Pearls (Flame)45
Opals (Iridescence)49
Part III: Light and Color54
Chapter 7: COLOR CHANGE (Alexandrite Effect)57
About Fred Ward and the Gem Book Series64