Gem Trails of Arizona

Visit the places where experienced rock and mineral collectors have found success! Detailed descriptions, photos and maps guide you to some of the best gem collecting sites in the state. This book is a 6" x 9" paperback with 272 pages.

Gem Trails of ArizonaTable of Contents

Arizona Collecting Sites6
Arizona Site Locator Map7
Map Legend8
Summary of Basic Rockhounding Rules and Regulations10
Mineral Highlights12
Mining in Arizona15
Mineral and Gem Collecting in Arizona17
More Than Just Pretty Rocks20
Region I
1. Lake Powell22
2. Kingman Onyx24
3. Chloride Minerals26
4. Oatman Fire Agate28
5. Wenden Dendritic Agate30
6. Alamo Lake Palm Bog32
7. Signal Petrified Wood34
8. Desert Roses36
9. Burro Creek Opalite38
10. Burro Creek Pastelite40
11. Burro Creek Apache Tears42
12. Date Creek Quartz Crystals44
13. Bagdad Agate and Jasper46
14. Perkinsville Agate48
15. Prescott Minerals50
16. Copper Basin Minerals52
17. Rock Butte Fossils54
18. Crookton Road Onyx56
19. Ash Fork Picture Stone58
20. Crown King Minerals60
Region II
21. Parks Obsidian62
22. Country Club Fossils64
23. Jerome Calcite66
24. Hull Canyon Fossils and Calcite70
25. Perkinsville Road Fossils72
26. Cottonwood Minerals74
27. Mogollon Rim Fossils76
28. Fossils From Pine78
29. Camp Verde Area Minerals80
30. East Verde Fossils82
31. Payson Agate84
32. Horton Petrified Coral86
33. Roberts Mesa Fossils and Chert88
34. Forest Lakes Fossils90
35. Black Canyon Red Jasper92
36. Houston Mesa Coral94
Tumble Polishing Rocks96
Color Photo Insert97
37. Payson Geodes and Nodules106
38. Christopher Creek Jasper108
39. Rim Road Fossils110
40. Perley Creek Fossils112
41. Blue Ridge Reservoir114
42. Woodruff Petrified Wood116
43. Joseph City Petrified Wood118
44. Winslow Petrified Wood120
Region III
45. Harquahala Mine Minerals122
46. Plomosa Mountains124
47. Brenda Jasper126
48. Aguila Crystals128
49. Wenden Marble130
50. Bouse Hematite and Jasper132
51. Plomosa Road Minerals134
52. Moon Mountain Petrified Wood136
53. Quartzsite Minerals138
54. Crystal Hill140
55. Big Horn Mountains Fluorite142
56. Eagle Tail Mountains144
57. Little Harquahala Mountains Chalcedony146
58. Vulture Mine Region148
59. Painted Rocks Agate and Minerals150
60. Fourth of July Peak Agate152
61. Saddle Mountains Fire Agate154
62. Ghost Towns and Minerals156
63. Wickenburg Nodules158
64. Indian Pass Dumortierite162
65. Palo Verde Fire Agate164
66. Red Cloud Mine Area166
67. Whipple Mountain Chalcedony168
68. Big River Agate170
Region IV
69. Table Mountain Jasper172
70. Cave Creek Agate and Jasper174
71. Horseshoe Lake Black Agate176
72. Sheep Crossing178
73. Maricopa Green Jasper180
74. Queen Valley Marble182
75. Hayden Wulfenite184
76. Dudleyville Minerals188
77. Winkelman Fossils190
78. Copper Country192
79. Globe Onyx194
80. Seneca Lake Serpentine196
81. Black Hills Fire Agate198
82. Pipeline Road Geodes200
83. Clifton Fire Agate202
84. Mule Creek Apache Tears204
85. Geronimo Trail Geodes206
86. Carlyle Mine Dumps208
87. Round Mountain Fire Agate210
88. Duncan Fire Agate212
89. Joy Valley Fire Agate214
90. Granite Gap Fluorescent Minerals216
91. Gleeson Area Minerals218
92. Dragoon Marble220
93. St. David Selenite Clusters222
94. Highway 90 Fossils224
95. Carr Canyon Quartz Crystals226
96. Ash Canyon Crystals230
97. Providencia Canyon Rhodochrosite232
98. Patagonia Minerals236
99. Corral Nuevo Geodes238
100. Cerro Prieto Wash Marble240
101. Empire Mountains Travertine242
102. Helvetia Mining District244
103. Tucson Fossils246
104. Saginaw Hill Minerals248
Appendix A: A Partial List of Annual Arizona Gem Shows250
Appendix B: Arizona Rockhound and Prospecting Clubs253
Appendix C: Mineral Museums and Mining Tours255
Mineral Locator Index262