Rockhounding Pennsylvania and New Jersey

"A field guide to some of Pennsylvania's and New Jersey's best rockhounding sites!" This book is a 6" x 9" paperback with 277 pages, descriptions, maps, and photos.

Rockhounding Pennsylvania and New JerseyTable of Contents

RockHounding Basics4
Pennsylvania Geology12
Pennsylvania Natural Resources13
New Jersey Geology17
New Jersey Natural Resources19
How To Use This Guide22
Pennsylavania Sites
Piedmont Province
1. Prospect Park Kyanite26
2. Smedley Park Apatite29
3. Oreland Geothite32
4. Phoenixville Dolomite Crystals35
5. Hay Creek Prehnite and Stilbite37
6. Morgantown Stromotaolitic Cambrian Carbonates39
7. Fruitville Pike Pseudomorphs42
8. Mud and Grubb Lake Goethite Bombshells45
9. Safe Harbor Quarry48
10. Delta Slate Quarries51
11. Strickhousers Iron Mines53
12. Howard Tunnel Phyllite56
13. Accomac Road Serpentine Minerals59
14. Rossville Malachite-Azurite61
15. Dillsburg Diabase Minerals64
16. Hershey Specular Hematite66
17. Fontana Quarries Calcite69
18. Cornwall Magnetite72
New England Province
19. Antietam Molybdenite75
20. Allentown Jasper Cliffs78
21. Constitution Drive Rare Earth Minerals80
22. Hellertown Thomas Iron Slag83
Ridge and Valley Province
23. Easton Tremolite and Phologopite85
24. ST. Anthony's Nose Schorl88
25. Pen Argyl Ordovician Slate91
26. Saylorsburg Devonian Fossils93
27. Beltzville State Park Devonian Fossils96
28. Lehighton Lehigh Canal Devonian Fossils98
29. Leighton Quartz Crystals101
30. Deer Lake Devonian Fossils103
31. Molino Devonian Banded Sediments106
32. St. Clair Pennsylvanian Fern Fossils108
33. Suedberg Devonian Fossils111
34. Sharp Mountain Boxcar Rocks114
35. Centralia Pennsylvania Plant Fossils117
36. Shamokin Whaleback Pennsylvanian Plant Fossils120
37. Dalmatia Devonian fossils123
38. Rockville Devonian Fossils125
39. Harrisburg Boxwork Limestone128
40. Mechanicsburg Cabbage Head Quartz131
41. Boiling Spring-Reading Banks Cryptomelane and Geothite134
42. Carbaugh Reservoir Metavolcanics137
43. Waggoners Gap Turquoise140
44. Shermans Dale Devonian Fossils142
45. New Bloomfield Devonian Fossils144
46. Roxbury Ordovician Fossils146
47. Seven Stars Devonian Pelecypods148
48. Walker Lake Ordovician-Devonian Brachiopods150
49. Kreamer Wavellite154
50. Danville Devonian Fossils156
51. PPL Montour Preserve Fossils158
52. Lime Ridge Calcite and Early Devonian Fossils161
53. Nanticoke Concrete City163
54. Bellefonte Ordovician Fossils166
55. Turnpike Devonian Graptolites169
Appalachian Plateaus Province
56. Johnstown Pennsylvanian Fossils172
57. Uniontown Mississippian Fossils176
58. Carmichaels Pennsylvanian Plant Fossils179
59. North Vandergrift Barite-Sphalerite Nodules182
60. Frick Park Pennsylvanian Fossils184
61. South Heights Pennsylvanian Crinoid Fossils186
62. Franklin Siderite-Sphalerite Nodules188
63. Titusville Mississippian Fossils191
64. Union City Dam Devonian Horseshoe Crabs & Trace Fossils193
New Jersey Sites
Coastal Plain Province
65. Mount holly Iron Oxide Cemented Sandstone198
66. Mullica Hill Vivianite201
67. Bear Swamp Hill Quartz Pebbles204
68. Harrisville Pond Bog Iron207
69. Cap May Diamonds210
70. Big Brook Late Cretaceous Fossils212
71. Sayreville Marcasite and Amber215
Ridge and Valley Province
72. Corys Brook Besicular Basalt and Potential Carnelian218
73. Stirling Brook Carnelian Agate221
74. North Arlington Schuyler Copper Mine224
75. Snake hill Magnetite, Malachite and Stilbite227
76. Jersey City bergen Arches Calcite230
77. Hoboken Serpentine233
78. North Bergen Banded Hornfels236
79. New Street Quarries and Great Falls of the Passaic238
Ridge and Valley Province
80. Lake Balhalla Yellow Serpentine242
81. Wanaque Roomy and Blue Mines Magnetite245
82. West Milford-Bearfort Mountain Puddingstone248
83. Cranberry Lake Iron Mines250
84. Sterling Hill Mine and Miner Run Dump253
85. Buckwheat Dump and Franklin Mineral Museum255
86. Hamburg Stromatolites257
87. Marble Mountain Hematite Mine259
Valley and Ridge Province
88. Pahaquarry Copper Mines262
89. Montague Quartz Crystals266
References Cited268
About the Authors278