Exotic Gems Volume 1:

How to Identify and Buy Tanzanite, Ammolite, Rhodochrosite, Zultanite, Sunstone, Moonstone and Other Feldspars

Profusely illustrated, Exotic Gems I helps you see and understand gemstones. Detailed information about the pricing factors used for colored gemstones and gemstone appraisal. Then detailed descriptions for rhodochrosite, zultanite, sunstone, moonstone and other feldspar gems. You will know a lot about these gems when you read Exotic Gems I! This book is a 6" x 9" paperback with 153 pages.

Exotic Gems Volume 1Table of Contents

1. Exotic Gems9
2. Price Factors in a Nutshell15
Price Factors Explained15
Gemstone Terms Defined23
Cutting Style26
Cut Quality26
Carat Weight29
Treatment Status29
Distinctness of Phenomena29
Colored Gem Pricing32
3. Gem Treatments33
4. Gemstone Identification Terminology37
5. Tanzanite43
Other Zoisites and Their Geographical Sources43
What is Tanzanite?45
Tanzanite Treatments49
Tanzanite Pleochroism52
Metaphysical Properties of Tanzanite and Zoisite55
Identifying Characteristics of Tanzanite58
How Lighting Affects Tanzanite Color63
Tanzanite Price Factors65
Tanzanite Care69
6. Zultanite (Color-Change Diaspore)73
Gemological Properties of Zultanite (Color-Change Diaspore)81
7. Ammolite83
Where is Ammolite Found?85
Ammolite Price Factors85
Gemological Properties of Ammolite89
Ammolite Care89
Metaphysical Properties of Ammonite and Ammolite91
8. Rhodochrosite93
Spiritual and Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite96
Identifying Rhodochrosite98
9. Feldspar Group99
10. Sunstone103
What is Sunstone?103
Geographic Sources of Sunstone107
Identifying Sunstone108
Metaphysical Properties of Sunstone110
Production of Oregon Sunstone110
Sunstone Price Factors112
11. Moonstone115
What is Moonstone?117
Geographic Sources of Moonstone119
Spiritual and Healing Properties of Moonstone123
Judging Moonstone Quality123
Caring for Moonstone126
12. Other Feldspars127
Labradorite (Labradorescent Variety)127
Yellow or Golden Labradorite130
13. Choosing an Appraiser141
How to find a Qualified Independent Appraiser142
Qualifications to Look for144
Appraisal Fees145
What does an Insurance Appraisal Include?146