Yogo, The Great American Sapphire

Here is a remarkable story backed by a century of rich Montana history - a fascinating tale that lay hidden in disjointed company files and correspondence, dusty geological reports, decades of yellowed newspaper clippings, and even in some of the works of Charles M. Russell. This 6"x9" paperback has 215 pages packed with stories, photos, and detailed information about this gorgeous gem. See table of contents below.

Yogo, The Great American SapphireTable of Contents

Introduction: The Yogo Dikeix
Chapter 1. The Blue Pebbles1
Chapter 2. Sapphire!43
Chapter 3. The English Mine57
Chapter 4. All Is Not Gold That Glitters117
Chapter 5. The Return of the Yogo151
Chapter 6. Rocking the Boat165
Chapter 7. The Great American Sapphire182
Chapter 8. A Century of Sapphires196
Sources, Acknowledgement, and Thanks209