Rock Art Savvy

The Responsible Visitor's Guide to Public Sites of the Southwest

Learn about Indian petroglyphs and pictographs in this user-friendly tour guide. Includes maps, photos and expert descriptions! This 6"x9" paperback has 240 pages that are packed with detailed information about Southwestern Rock Art. See table of contents below.

Rock Art SavvyTable of Contents

Part I: All About Rock Art1
1. Rock Art Basics3
2. Native Southwestern Cultures and Their Rock Art15
3. The Purpose and Meaning of Rock Art49
4. Rock Art Preservation67
Part II: The Sites 80
5. Arizona83
6. Inland Southern California103
7. Colorado117
8. Nevada133
9. New Mexico149
10. Western Texas169
11. Utah181
Special Section for the Adventurous: Baja California 206
Resources 224
Glossary 227
Bibliography 230