Estwing Geo Waist Pack

The Geo Waist Pack by Estwing is a high-quality pack for carrying the things that you need in the field.

Estwing Geo Waist Pack

This is a great waist pack to carry your testing supplies, instruments, camera, or small specimens collected in the field. It is light weight (about 15 ounces) and has a durable adjustable belt with strong plastic snap closure. Just squeeze to close, squeeze to open.

The pack has three compartments (see dimensions below). The two main compartments close with a zipper that is covered by a flap to shed dirt and moisture. The larger side pouch has a thick velcro closure and can carry a compass, small cell phone, or other small device. There is a flat elasticized pouch on the other side which could be used to carry pens, pencils, and a pocket knife. A tiny carabiner (provided) is on a loop beside the pocket that can be attached to a cord or loop on your knife or hand lens.

  • Outside Dimensions: Height 5.5 inches, Width 8 inches, Total Depth of 4.5 inches.
  • Large Compartment Dimensions: 8" wide x 3" deep x 5.5" high
  • Small Compartment Dimensions: 8" wide x 1.5" deep x 4" high
  • Velcro Side Compartment Dimensions: 2.75" wide x 1" deep x 4" high