Minerals: A Firefly Guide

"A comprehensive illustrated guide to the forms, physical properties, classification and study of minerals from around the world. More than 400 photographs, tables, charts, glossary, bibliography and richly informative descriptions of 288 minerals." This book is a 5 3/4" x 7 3/4" sturdy paperback with 256 pages.

Minerals: A Firefly GuideTable of Contents

The science of mineralogy10
The forms of crystals and twinning12
Physical properties16
How minerals are studied24
The environments in which minerals form28
The classification of minerals39
Class 1: Native Elements42
Class 2: Sulfides and Sulfosalts50
Class 3: Halides70
Class 4: Oxides and Hydroxides76
Class 5: Carbonates104
Class 6: Borates118
Class 7: Sulfates, Chromates, Molybdates, Tungstates124
Class 8: Phosphates, Arsenates, Vanadates138
Class 9: Silicates160
Class 10: Organic Minerals244
Essential Glossary250
Classification of Minerals251
Index of the Minerals254
Bibliography and Websites256