How to Find Treasure From Space

The Expert Guide to Meteorite Hunting and Identification

This book by Geoffrey Notkin, cohost of the Meteorite Men television series, is a comprehensive illustrated guide to recovering, identifying and understanding meteorites. It is a 6" x 9" paper back with 142 pages. See the table of contents below.

How to Find Treasure From Space:The Expert Guide to Meteorite Hunting and IdentificationTable of Contents

Table of contentsvii
Introduction by Christopher Cokinosix
1) What are meteorites and where do they come from?1
2) How to identify meteorites in the laboratory and in the field27
3) How much are meteorites worth?39
4) Meteorwrongs, hot rocks, and how they help you43
5) Meteorite falls versus meteorite finds51
6) Understanding and hunting strewnfields53
7) Meteorite craters and impact pits63
8) The importance of research71
9) Ownership, landowners, and permission to hunt75
10) Hunting strategies: Historic meteorites and known strewnfields81
11) Hunting strategies: Fireball chasing85
12) Hunting Strategies: Cold finds, hot desert hunting, dry lake beds93
13) Tools of the trade99
14) Excavating meteorites and documenting finds119
15) After the find: Naming and classification123
16) Preparing for an expedition127
17) In the field: Fun and safety135
Postscript / Go meteorite hunting with me137
Additional Resources138
About the Author142