Roadside Geology of Wisconsin

Learn about the Geology of Wisconsin with maps, photos and expert descriptions! This 6"x9" paperback has 360 pages that are packed with detailed information about Wisconsin Geology. See table of contents below.

Roadside Geology of WisconsinTable of Contents

Introduction to Wisconsin Geology 1
Some Basic Background1
Plate Tectonics and the Formation of Continents4
Precambrian Wisconsin6
Paleozoic Wisconsin9
Cambrian Seas10
Ordovician History14
Silurian and Devonian Seas20
A 400-Million-Year Gap20
Quaternary Ice Age21
Diamonds, Meteorites, and Copper Nuggets28
Geology and Humans in Wisconsin32
Northern Highlands 35
Archean Continents36
Proterozoic Sediments38
Precambrian Banded Iron Formation38
Penokean Mountain Building Event40
Post-Penokean Volcanism and Quartzites41
Blackstones, Brownstones, and Fieldstones of the Lake Superior Rift44
Quaternary Glaciation50
Early Glaciations50
Late Wisconsin Glaciation - The Most Recent52
Glacial Lake Duluth58
Road Guides
I-39 / US 51: Stevens Point - Hurley59
US 2: Superior - Hurley81
US 8: St. Croix Falls - Pembine91
US 8 / US 141 / US 2: Pembine - Florence via Niagara and Iron Mountain102
US 53: Haugen - Superior104
Wisconsin 13: Abbotsford - Bayfield106
Wisconsin 29: Thorp - Ringle116
Western Uplands119
Driftless Area119
Precambrian Record120
Cambrian Sandstones122
Ordovician Strata126
Silurian Remnants128
Lead and Zinc Mining128
Quaternary Glaciation131
Road Guides
I-90 / I-94: Camp Douglas - Tomah134
I-90: Tomah - La Crosse136
I-94: Tomah - Hudson136
US 14: La Crosse - Madison143
US 53: Eau Claire - Haugen150
US 151: Dubuque (Iowa) - Madison153
Wisconsin 23: Dodgeville - Tower Hill State Park161
Wisconsin 29: Chippewa Falls - Thorp164
Wisconsin 35, The Great River Road: Illinois Border - Hudson165
Wisconsin 60: Prairie du Chien - Gotham183
Baraboo, Dells, and Central Plain 187
Precambrian Record191
Late Cambrian Strata194
Ordovician Strata198
Silurian Strata199
Quaternary Glaciation199
Glacial Lake Wisconsin203
Geological Fieldwork in the 1880s205
Road Guides
I-39 / US 51: Coloma - Stevens Point206
I-90 / I-94: Wisconsin River - Camp Douglas via the Wisconsin Dells207
US 12: Madison - Lake Delton via the Baraboo Hills213
Wisconsin 21: Tomah - Coloma230
Eastern Uplands and Door Peninsula 235
Precambrian and Paleozoic Rocks236
Niagara Escarpment236
Neda Ironstone237
Silurian and Devonian Deposition239
Reefs That Made Milwaukee Famous242
Quaternary Glaciation245
Glacial and Postglacial Lakes247
Diamonds, Copper Nuggets, and Driveway Rock250
Trenton Meteorite252
Road Guides
I-39 / US 51: Portage - Coloma253
I-43: Beloit - Milwaukee257
I-43: Milwaukee - Green Bay via Manitowoc259
I-90: Beloit - Wisconsin River263
I-94: Illinois Border - Milwaukee264
Milwaukee Geology268
I-94: Milwaukee - Madison273
Madison Geology276
US 41: Milwaukee - Marinette via Oshkosh and Green Bay278
US 141: Green Bay - Pembine287
US 151: Madison - Manitowoc289
Wisconsin 21: Coloma - Oshkosh294
Wisconsin 29: Ringle - Green Bay297
Door Peninsula 301
Road Guides
Wisconsin 42: Manitowoc - Sturgeon Bay304
Wisconsin 42: Sturgeon Bay - Porte des Morts308
The Islands312
Wisconsin 57: Green Bay - Sister Bay313
Additional Reading 329
References Cited 331