Where to Find Gold In Oregon

There's gold in Oregon, and this book will help you find it! 144 pages of maps, directions, and tips. A must-have for the Oregon gold hunter! Paperback, 8.5" x 11".

Where to Find Gold In OregonTable of Contents

Alder Glen BLM Recreation Site101
American Antiquities4
Applegate (Little) River75
Antlers Guard Station USFS Recreation Site86
Applegate District (Gold Sniping Oregon's,)121
Beaches (Gold Occurrences in Oregon's,)37
Bear Creek Picnic Grounds BLM Recreation Site106
Bear Wallow Creek57
Bear Creek BLM Recreation Site112
Beaver Sulpher USFS Recreation Site Area "A"124
Big Pine Camp USFS Recreation Site54
Bill Creek56
BLM Addresses9
BLM Recreation (un-named site)111
Blue Mountains (Gold Belt of,)51
Burnt River BLM Recreation Site109
Briggs Creek Camp USFS55
Brice Creek USFS Recreation Site60
C & R's for the Use of Portable Suction Dredges26
Canyon City Ghost Town110
Canyon Creek BLM Recreation Site106
Carberry Creek USFS Recreation Gold Site124
Carberry Creek Camp USFS Recreation Site125
Cavitt Creek BLM Recreation Site114
Cave Creek98
Cedar Creek60
Central Region19
Champion Creek70
Chemical Analysis Testing Kit143
Cherry Creek BLM Recreation Site108
Clay Creek BLM Recreation Site102
Cook and Green Creek USFS Area "F"125
Columbia Region24
Cow Creek BLM Recreation Site113
Cold Springs BLM Recreation Site113
Dagelma Trailhead USFS125
Darby Creek BLM Recreation Site112
Deadman Creek133
Deer Creek BLM Recreation Site100
Deer Creek105
Deer Creek USFS Recreation Site Area "C"90
Deer Creek USFS Recreation Site Area "E"92
Eagle Creek92
Eight Dollar Mountain105
Elderberry Flat BLM Recreation Site110
Elliot Creek USFS Recreation Site Area "E"125
Emile Creek BLM Recreation Site111
Exotic Metals Article137
Fawn Creek BLM Recreation Site117
Flume Gulch78
Flumet Flat Campground USFS Area "I"125
Gin Lin Trail USFS Area "I"125
Gold Occurrences in Oregon's USFS13
Gold Occurrences on Oregon's Beaches37
Gold Occurrences within the County Water-runs of Oregon125
Gold Sniping Oregon's Applegate District121
Gold in California (Where to find,)144
Gold Nugget BLM Recreation Site74
Gold Hill75
Gold Panning, Suction Dredges, Recreation Mining Information131
Gold Placer (Influences on Oregon's,)36
Granite Creek133
Grants Pass34
Grass Creek70
Grayback Creek57
Green Creek (Cook and,) USFS Area "F"125
Greenhorn Site12
Grizzle Creek70
Guidelines for the use of Metal Detectors in USFS5
Guidelines in water work to protect the fish14
Gunter BLM Recreation Site118
Haight Creek BLM Recreation Site102
Hart Tish Boat Ramp Park USFS Area VII125
Hobo Recreation USFS Recreation Site58
Hutton Guard USFS Recreation Site Area "D"125
Illinois River104
Iron Mountain BLM Recreation Site112
Island Creek BLM Recreation Site112
Kanaka Flat USFS Campground Area "B"124
Laws and Regulations for the Preservation of American Antiquities4
Lake Creek BLM Recreation Site20
Little Applegate Recreation Site No. 176
Lund Park USFS Recreation Site60
Mason Dam USFS Recreation Site Area "D"87
Martin Creek USFS Recreation Site64
Marten Creek Recreation Site70
Middle Creek BLM Recreation Site116
Mill Pond Creek BLM Recreation Site116
Mineral Creek USFS Recreation Site65
Mineral Camp64
Mines (old sites)16
Myrtle Creek133
Myers Creek USFS Recreation Site54
McCulley Forks USFS Recreation Site Area "B"86
Middleton Fork Creek USFS Area "G"125
National Forest Address11
Ninemile Camp BLM Recreation Site113
Northeast Region21
Northwest Region14
Ore Dump Article137
Oregon Reference Map51
Old Tioga Recreation Site109
Oregon Map listed with USFS Forests13
Park Creek BLM Recreation Site108
Permit (address) for dredging in Oregon's water-runs10
Peterson Creek118
Prelude to the Gold Occurrences in Oregon6
Quartzville Information50
Quartzville Map43
Quartzville Corridor BLM Recreation Sites42
Quartzville Campsites49
Quartzville Water-run List48
Quinnes Creek BLM Recreation Site43
Rand BLM Recreation Site97
Rare Earth Elements (Ore Dump Article)121
Railroad Beds (Article)140
Railroad List143
Rare Earth Metal List121
Right Hand Fork - West Fork Creek57
Rockhound Areas (Semiprecious Stones)1
Rock Creek BLM Recreation Site116
Rogue River BLM Recreation Site75
Rogue River36
Santiam River (North)107
Salt Creek BLM Recreation Site110
Scaredman Creek BLM Recreation Site94
Secret Creek54
Sharps Creek Recreation Site62
Sixes River Recreation Site52
Smith River BLM Recreation Site117
Southeast Region23
Southwest Region17
Southwestern Section of Oregon33
Springtown Campsite Area VII125
Starvout Creek BLM Recreation Site133
Steve Fork USFS Area "H"125
Store Gulch105
Steamboat Creek3
Suction Dredging Rules26
Susan Creek Falls BLM Recreation Site120
Star Gulch78
Test Kit Information143
Texas Creek BLM Recreation Site132
Tioga Camp (Old,) BLM Recreation Site108
Tin-Can Campsite USFS54
Town Sites (Old)29
Treasures & Fortunes (Article)140
Tumel Ridge No. 2 Recreation Site76
Tyee BLM Recreation Site119
USFS Addresses11
Umpqua River (South)80
Vincent Creek BLM Recreation Site117
Walk Creek Trail BLM Recreation Site114
Water-runs (List)54
Whitehorse Creek BLM Recreation Site132
Where to Find Gold in California144
Wolf Creek BLM Recreation Site132
Wooden Covered Bridges23