Modern Prospecting: How to Find, Claim and Sell Mineral Deposits

Treasure hunters will have lots more luck if they know where to look, and how to properly stake a claim on any bounty they find. What is the right way to go about prospecting? This 6" x 9" paperback will tell you all about these things and much more in its 303 pages.

Modern Prospecting: How to Find, Claim and Sell Mineral DepositsTable of Contents

How I Became a Prospector13
Deposits: How Did They Get There?19
Discovery Stories34
Staking Your Claim43
Fort Knox: The One That Got Away58
Beyond Gold in the Gold Pan: Saving the Semi-Heavies65
Before the Klondike: Circle, Alaska74
The Search for Diamonds81
Nevada Monsters: Carlin's Microscopic Gold90
The Old and the New USGS99
Researching a Prospect109
The Lure of Lost Mines121
Fieldwork and Equipment131
Modern Assaying142
Geochemical Prospecting154
Rock and Mineral Alteration164
Yellowstone's Geysers and Hot Springs: Near-Surface Mineral Deposits174
Skarn: Where the Magma Hits the Marble184
Mineral Fashions192
Black Hills Pegmatites202
The Dark Rocks and Platinum Metals214
Geophysical Prospecting224
Uranium: A Second Look236
Developing a Prospect249
Interior Alaska's Gold Rush: A Quiet Frenzy259
Government Agencies and Bureaus List280
Works Cited285
Suggested Reading287