Advanced Dredging Techniques Part 2:

The Right Approach

"What every gold dredger should know - Part 2"! Dave McCracken has so much knowledge about gold dredging to share, he couldn't fit it all in one book! Improve your dredging techniques in deep, cold, or fast waters, and learn some handy tips and secrets of the trade. This book is a 5.5" x 8.5" paperback with 224 pages.

Advanced Dredging Techniques Part 2:The Right ApproachTable of Contents

Prospecting for Gold in Hard-Packed Streambeds17
Production Gold Dredging25
Dredging Helpers28
Fast Water Dredging47
Taking Extra Precaution54
Operational Considerations56
Do's & Don'ts63
Boulders & Winching67
Moving Boulders by Hand69
Different Types of Winches72
Setting Up a Hole for Winching77
Building a Ramp77
Feasibility of Moving Boulders79
Setting Up a Winch for Operation80
Winching Signals90
Boulder Slings94
Pulling Boulders97
Diver's Safety101
Double Blocking102
Cold Water Dredging109
Staying Warm109
Wet Suits111
Dry Suits112
Dry Suit Care113
Dry Suit Modifications115
Suit Repairs118
Hot Water Systems123
Other Winter Gear129
Other Things to Know About Cold Water Dredging131
Winter Dredging132
Sampling During the Winter134
How Tough Are You?135
Cleaning Up Fine Gold139
Amalgamating By Hand140
Hypodermic Syringe in Amalgamation146
Chemical Retorting148
Cleaning Amalgamated Gold151
Getting the Most for your Fines152
Getting Your Dredging Equipment Ready for the Season153
More Tricks of the Trade159
Succeeding at a Gold Dredging Adventure175
Having the Knowledge175
Hard Work181
The Nature of Commercial Dredging Requires a Financial Reserve to be Set Aside191
When You Are Into Gold195
Positive Stress197
Other Books by Dave McCracken225