Roadside Geology of Louisiana

Learn about the Geology of Louisiana with maps, photos and expert descriptions! This 6"x9" paperback has 225 pages that are packed with detailed information about Louisiana Geology. See table of contents below.

Roadside Geology of LouisianaTable of Contents

I. Preface ix
II. Acknowledgments xiii
III. Geologic Overview 1
A) Geologic Time1
B) Geologic History of Louisiana5
C) Structure Below17
D) Salt Domes19
E) Oil and Gas25
F) Minerals30
G) Rivers in Motion31
H) Dynamic Deltas34
I) Mississippi Fan39
J) How the Mississippi River Grew41
K) Wetlands Loss44
IV. Southeastern Louisiana Uneasy Rivers, Marshes and Deltas49
A) Atchafalaya Basin50
B) New Orleans57
C) Pontchartrain Causeway and Lake Pontchartrain60
D) Interstate 10: Baton Rouge-Lafayette64
E) Interstate 10: New Orleans-Baton Rouge67
F) Interstate 10: New Orleans-Slidell-Mississippi69
G) Interstate 55: Hammond (I-12)-Interstate 10-Lake Maurepas69
H) US 90: Lafayette-Morgan City70
I) US 90: Morgan City-Houma73
J) US 90: New Orleans-Des Allemands-Raceland-Houma75
K) Louisiana 1: Port Allen-Donaldsonville-Thibodaux-Raceland76
L) Louisiana 1: Raceland-Golden Meadow- Grand Isle78
M) Louisiana 14, Louisiana 329: Avery Island83
N) Louisiana 23: New Orleans-Venice-Tidewater85
O) Louisiana 83, Louisiana 319: Weeks Island-Cypremort State Park-Cypremort Point92
P) Louisiana 675: Jefferson Island94
V. Eastern Louisiana Red Hills Above Pontchartrain97
A) Interstate 12: Baton Rouge-Hammond-Slidell101
B) Interstate 55: Hammond-Kentwood Quarry-Mississippi103
C) Interstate 59: Mississippi-Slidell107
D) US 61: Baton Rouge-St. Francisville-Mississippi107
E) Louisiana 21, Louisiana 41: Mississippi- Bogalusa-Interstate 59109
VI. Southwestern Louisiana Marsh to the Sea 111
A) Interstate 10: Lafayette-Jennings-Lake Charles-Sulphur-Texas115
B) Louisiana 27: Sulphur-Hackberry-Holly Beach121
C) Louisiana 27/14: Lake Charles-Oak Grove124
D) Louisiana 82: Sabine Pass-Holly Beach-Cameron126
E) Louisiana 82, US167: Cameron-Pecan Island-Abbeville-Lafayette129
VII. Central Louisiana Great Rocks and Great Rivers 133
A) Interstate 49: Alexandria-Opelousas-Lafayette135
B) Interstate 49: Alexandria-Natchitoches136
C) US 84: Tullos-Jena-Archie140
D) US 84: Vidalia-Ferriday-Archie141
E) US 84, Louisiana 6: Natchitoches-Winnfield Salt Dome-Winnfield142
F) US 84, Louisiana 34: Winnfield-Tullos147
G) US 165: Alexandria-Georgetown-Tullos147
H) US 165: Alexandria-Oakdale-Iowa (I-10)148
I) US 167: Alexandria-Winnfield149
J) US 171: Lake Charles-DeRidder-Leesville-Many150
K) Louisiana 378: Sam Houston Jones State Park155
L) Louisiana 1: Baton Rouge-Simmesport-Marksville-Alexandria157
M) Louisiana 6: Sabine River-Many-Natchitoches161
N) Louisiana 8/28: Alexandria-Leesville-Sabine River162
O) Louisiana 15: Ferriday-Three Rivers Area-Old River Control Structures-Lettsworth163
P) Louisiana 28: Alexandria-Walters-US 84 Junction168
Q) Louisiana 107: Alexandria-Moncla Gap-Marksville169
R) Louisiana 129: Features of the Floodplain172
VIII. Northern Louisiana Oldest Rocks, Highest Hills177
A) Interstate 20: Texas-Shreveport-Monroe-Vicksburg179
B) Interstate 49: Shreveport-Natchitoches183
C) US 65: Tallulah-Ferriday188
D) US 65: Tallulah-Lake Providence-Arkansas189
E) US 79: Minden-Homer-Haynesville-Arkansas191
F) US 165: Monroe-Bastrop-Arkansas192
G) US 165: Monroe-Columbia-Tullos193
H) US 167: Ruston-Dubach-Bernice-Arkansas194
I) US 167: Ruston-Jonesboro-Winnfield196
J) US 171: Shreveport-Mansfield-Many196
K) Louisiana 1: Shreveport-Oil City Arkansas197
L) Louisiana 3: Shreveport-Benton-Plain Dealing-Arkansas199
M) Louisiana 7: Dixie Inn-Cotton Valley-Springhill-Arkansas199
N) Louisiana 15: Monroe-Winnsboro-Sicily Island-Clayton200
O) Louisiana 17, Louisiana 134, Louisiana 577: Delhi-Poverty Point State Commemorative Area201
IX. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, 2005 203
X. Glossary 205
XI. Credits 210
XII. References 211
XIII. Maps and Information 215
XIV. Index 217
XV. About the Author 225