Roadside Geology of Idaho

Learn about the Geology of Idaho with maps, photos and expert descriptions! This 6"x9" paperback has 403 pages that are packed with detailed information about Idaho Geology. See table of contents below.

Roadside Geology of IdahoTable of Contents

The Big Picture 1
Continental Crust, Oceanic Crust1
The Mantle4
Plate Tectonics4
Lithosphere and Asthenosphere5
Oceanic Ridges - Separating Plates6
Oceanic Trenches - Colliding Plates7
Transform Faults - Sliding Plates9
Ancient History of Idaho10
Antique Sedimentary Formations10
The Great Precambrian Continental Rift13
Paleozoic Sedimentary Formations15
The Phantom Antler Mountains15
Mesozoic Sedimentary Formations16
The Big Plate Collision16
The Kootenay Arc18
The Early Western Welt18
The Overthrust Belt19
The Western Mylonite20
Islands that Came into Port21
The Trench Jumps West - Twice22
Is Something Important Missing?23
Eocene Complications24
Western Cascades, Columbia Plateau, High Cascades25
Basin and Range27
The Snake River Plain28
A Conspiracy of Events29
The Deccan Connection29
The Terminal Cretaceous Calamity31
Columbia Plateau, Snake River Plain, Basin and Range33
What if It Hadn't Happened?36
Questions Waiting For Answers37
The Changing Climates of Tertiary Time37
The Excessively Mild Weather of Early Tertiary Time38
The First Long Dry Spell38
Tropical Idaho39
Pliocene Sediment41
Ice Age Glaciation42
The Modern Streams Begin to Flow44
The Panhandle 48
The Belt Basin48
Diabase Sills50
The Vanished Precambrian World52
The Kaniksu Batholith and the Purcell Trench57
The Coeur d'Alene Ores59
Glacial Lake Missoula61
Interstate 90: Spokane - Missoula65
US 2: Newport - Montana73
US 95: Coeur d'Alene - British Columbia83
Central Idaho 92
The Plate Tectonic Scene93
The Early Mountain Welt93
The Mountains Spread East94
The Migratory Islands Come Home97
The Old Continental Margin98
The Bitterroot and Atlanta Batholiths100
Granite, Gneiss, and Schist102
The Eocene Scene105
Dikes, Granite, and Rhyolite108
Columbia Plateau and the Basin and Range111
Flood Basalts and Tropical Lakes111
Basin and Range114
Frontier Mining115
Placer Mining116
Hardrock Mining117
The Ice Ages121
Cold Climate Erosion122
US 12: Lewiston - Kooskia123
Kooskia - Lolo Pass130
US 93: Arco - Challis140
Challis - Lost Trail Pass148
Salmon River Canyon158
US 95: Payette - New Meadows166
New Meadows - Lewiston173
Lewiston - Coeur d'Alene185
Hells Canyon192
Idaho 3 / 97: Lewiston - Interstate 90199
Idaho 21: Boise - Stanley205
Idaho 28: Salmon - Interstate 15211
Idaho 55: Boise - New Meadows216
Idaho 75: Shoshone - Challis223
Snake River Plain 234
The Western Snake River Plain236
The Main Snake River Plain237
The Yellowstone Volcano240
The Volcanic Lowland242
Second Generation Volcanoes242
Basalt Flows245
That Nice Fresh Volcanic Surface247
The Ice Ages248
The Great Bonneville Flood248
Patterned Ground252
Interstate 15: Pocatello - Monida Pass254
Interstate 84: Ontario - Mountain Home259
Interstate 84: Mountain Home - Interstate 86265
Interstate 86: Interstate 84 - Pocatello272
US 20: Mountain Home - Arco282
Craters of the Moon287
US 20: Arco - Idaho Falls294
Idaho Falls - Targhee Pass298
US 93: Nevada Line - Carey310
US 95: Weiser - Jordan Valley, Oregon318
Idaho 51: Mountain Home - Nevada Line324
The Southeastern Mountains 328
Sedimentary Rock Formations329
The Rocky Mountains332
Does Idaho Have Oil Wells in its Future?334
Core Complexes335
The Basin and Range336
The Ice Ages and Lake Bonneville338
Interstate 15: Pocatello - Utah341
Interstate 84: Interstate 86 - Utah348
US 26: Idaho Falls - Wyoming357
US 30: Interstate 15 - Wyoming361
US 89: Utah - Wyoming372
If You Want to Read More 379
Glossary 381