Successful Drywashing

"For the Man Who Wants to Know The Secrets of Successful Drywashing." If you're into drywashing for gold, don't miss this book by expert Jim Straight. Has information that can be used with any type, style, or size drywasher. Features: old-timer tips, moisture calculations, troubleshooting, tables and charts, and more. Paperback, 5.5" x 8.5", 34 pages.

Successful DrywashingTable of Contents

Abstract & Introduction1
Eluvial and Alluvial Placer Gold2
Epithermal and Mesothermal Deposits3
Wet and Dry Recovery Methods3
What is Drywashing?4
What is a Drywasher?5
Evolution of Drywashing6
Early Drywashing Procedures7
Early Drywashing Practices8
Hot and Dusty9
Drywashing Areas10
Drywashing Equipment10
Drywashing Considerations11
The Bellows Principle12
The Constant Air Principle12
Head-to-Head Comparison12
Motor Maintenance13
Air-Cooled Engines13
Rototiller and Cement Mixer14
Pre-Drying the Dirt14
Field Expedient Testing (Moisture)15
Dry Material (Moisture Determination and Calculations)15
Drywashing Dangers16
Tips on "How To" Set Up17
Bellows vs. Constant Air18
Tips on "How to" Drywash19
Sniping with a Small Drywasher21
How to Backfill Holes22