The New Gold Panning Is Easy

Have you ever wanted to pan for gold? Anyone can do it, and it's easy! Roy Lagal gives simple instructions on how to find gold by panning, or with a metal detector or dredge. Great for beginners! This book is a 5.5" x 8.5" paperback with 134 pages.

The New Gold Panning Is EasyTable of Contents

Gold… Why Search For It?1
Searching… Where Gold Is Located9
Panning… Just How It Works21
Gold Pans… What They're Made Of31
Wet Panning… How To Find Gold35
Dry Panning… How To Find Gold55
Gold Pan Kit… Short Cut To Success67
Pan & Detector… Gold-Finding Combination73
Finding Gold… With A Metal Detector79
Recovering Gold… With A Metal Detector91
Identification… Of Metal / Mineral Samples109
Gold Dredging… Made Easy For Beginners113
Conclusion… Gold is Where You Find It121
Appendix I - Glossary123
Appendix II - Information Sources128
Appendix III - Reading List133