You Can Find Gold With a Metal Detector

YOU can find gold with a metal detector - yes, indeed! A good metal detector will certainly help with your prospecting, but the most powerful tool for finding gold… is knowledge. Get tips from the experts right here in this book, by long-time veterans in the field Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal. A 5.5" x 8.5" paperback with 140 pages.

You Can Find Gold With a Metal DetectorTable of Contents

The Authors: Charles Garrett; Roy Lagal1
Authors' Note: We Love to Hunt for Gold5
1. GOLD Its Lure and Lore9
2. WHERE to Look for Gold21
3. RECOVERY Methods of Retrieving Gold27
4. FINDING GOLD is Not so Difficult37
5. GOLD PAN Basic Recovery Tool43
6. THE DETECTOR A Gold-Finding Tool47
7. WHICH DETECTORS Find Gold Best?57
8. HOW TO DETECT Gold with a Detector65
9. METAL - MINERAL Proper Identification79
10. GOLD NUGGETS What Most Hobbyists Seek85
11. OLD MINES Searching with a Detector95
12. FIELD PROSPECTING Ways to Find Gold101
13. ROCKHOUNDS Can Use Detectors Too115
14. IN CLOSING Law, Health & Safety117
Appendix I - Glossary123
Appendix II - Sources135