Gold Prospectors Handbook

There are plenty of gold prospecting books for the beginner, and many that are written on advanced topics, but what about the amateur? The Gold Prospectors Handbook fills that gap in between. Find out how to become more proficient at prospecting and small mining operations… learning just one new thing can make all the difference! This book is a 5.5" x 8.5" paperback with 176 pages.

Gold Prospectors HandbookTable of Contents

I. What is Gold?6
II. Is There Any Gold Left?8
III. Elementary Geology10
IV. Elementary Mineralogy17
V. Geological Agents21
VI. Stream Geology26
VII. Introduction to Placers30
VIII. Stream Placer Prospecting37
IX. An Introduction to Dredging60
X. Setting Up and Testing Your Dredge75
XI. The Initial Launch82
XII. Dredging Principles95
XIII. Principles of Lode Prospecting105
XIV. Sampling Theory120
XV. Other Valuable Minerals125
XVI. Tools of the Prospector133
XVII. Final Concentration Methods159
XVIII. Glossary164