Roadside Geology of Florida

By Jonathan R. Bryan, Thomas M. Scott, and Guy H. Means

Learn about the Geology of Florida with maps, photos and expert descriptions! This 6"x9" paperback has 375 pages that are packed with detailed information about Florida Geology. See table of contents below.

Roadside Geology of FloridaTable of Contents

I. Introduction1
The Foundations of Eden1
Geologic Fieldwork6
Common Minerals, Rocks and Fossils8
Sedimentary Rocks12
The Process of Fossilization13
Structural and Geomorphic Regions17
The Suwannee Channel20
II. Geological and Paleontological History22
Florida's Plate Tectonic Context22
Going Back in Timeā€¦ Deep Time23
Exotic Terrane--Late Precambrian and Paleozoic Time
(1,000 to 251 Million Years Ago)
When the Gulf was Young--Triassic and Jurassic Time
(251 to 145 Million Years Ago)
When Rudists Ruled the Earth--Cretaceous Time
(145 to 65 Million Years Ago)
Sea World--Paleocene and Eocene Time
(65 to 34 Million Years Ago)
Tropical Paradise--Oligocene Time
(34 to 23 Million Years Ago)
Bush Gardens--Miocene and Pliocene Time
(23 to 1.8 Million Years Ago)
No Frozen Mammoths--Pleistocene Time
(1.8 Million to 10,000 Years Ago)
Coastal Property--Holocene Time
(10,000 Years Ago to the Present)
The First Floridians--Geoarchaeology43
III. Sculpting a Land from the Sea 46
Sea Level Change--Past and Present46
Coastal Strandlines and Terraces49
Coastal Environments50
Ocean Currents and Coastal Water Flow52
Anatomy of a Beach55
Origin of Barrier Islands57
Coastal Erosion58
Wetlands, Lakes and Soils61
Aquifer Systems62
Karstification--A Dissolving Landscape65
Fountains of Youth--Florida's Legendary Springs68
IV. Panhandle--The Other Florida 73
US 29 and Florida 4 Pensacola--Century--Crestview75
US 90 and Interstate 10 Pensacola--Crestview--DeFuniak Springs76
Side Trip on Florida 8578
Side Trip to the Highest Point in Florida80
US 90 and Interstate 10 DeFuniak Springs--Marianna82
Side Trip to Falling Waters State Park85
Mermaid's Pennies--Larger Foraminifera92
Pearly Nautilus in Florida95
Florida Caverns State Park and Speleothems97
US 90 and Interstate 10 Marianna--Chattahoochee--Tallahassee100
Side Trip to Torreya State Park103
US 20 Niceville--Tallahassee107
Side Trip on Florida 73108
Side Trip on Florida 12110
US 98 Pensacola--Panama City114
It Came from the Bog--Carnivorous Plants of the Panhandle115
Side Trip to Santa Rosa Island117
Dunes and Dune Lakes--A Side Trip on Florida 30A118
US 98 Panama City--Port St. Joe--St. Marks122
Side Trip to St. Joseph Peninsula124
Wakulla Springs State Park128
San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park131
V. Northern Peninsula--Upon the Suwannee River 133
Us 90 and Interstate 10 Tallahassee--Lake City134
A Lonely Trilobite in Florida134
Withlacoochee and Alapaha Rivers135
The Upper Suwannee River137
Living Fossil Fish in Florida Waters144
US 90 and Interstate 10 Lake City--Jacksonville145
Silurian Sea Scorpions147
Us 27 Tallahassee--Perry--High Springs149
Fossil Echinoids152
Some Things Never Change--The Remarkable Bryozoan Nellia tenella154
Exposures and Springs on the Lower Suwannee, Santa Fe and Ichetucknee Rivers154
Thomas Farm160
Fossil Horses162
US 98/US 19 St. Marks--Inglis162
Paleoindians and Pleistocene Megafauna166
Fossil Elephants166
The Salt Marsh Environment171
Rainbow Springs State Park173
Interstate 75 and US 441 Lake City--Gainesville--Ocala174
Fossil Ground Sloths179
Fossil Rhinoceroses and Tapirs181
Florida 100 Lake City--Palatka187
Florida A1A (I-95 and US 1) Fernandina Beach--New Smyrna Beach189
Living and Fossil Sea Turtles197
VI. Central Peninsula--We Dig Phosphate 199
US 98/US 19 Inglis--St. Petersburg--Bradenton204
Eocene Molluska--the Tethyan Connection206
Fossil Manatees and Dugongs209
Fossil Camels210
With Love, from South America219
Interstate 75 Ocala--Tampa--Bradenton222
Fossil Saber-Tooths226
Central Florida Phosphate District228
Where the Buffalo Roamed, and the Deer and the Antelope Played230
Fossil Whales231
US 441 Ocala--Orlando--Okeechobee233
US 27 Clermont--Venus237
Sugarloaf Mountain239
The "Mountains of Florida"--Dune Fields Past and Present242
Interstate 95, US 1 and Florida A1A New Smyrna Beach--Cape Canaveral--Fort Pierce244
Coastal Development--Florida's Beach Ridge Plains246
We Serve Anybody--Fossil Crabs of Florida248
VII. Southern Peninsula--A River of Grass Flows Over It 251
Interstate 75 and US 41 Bradenton--Fort Myers--Naples254
Pliocene and Pleistocene Mollusks255
Fossil and Living Sharks and Rays258
Fossil Sea Stars of Florida--The Panamanian Connection263
The Estuarine Environment269
US 41 (Tamiami Trail) Naples--Miami272
Mangrove Swamps272
Sunniland Oil Field274
Big Cypress Swamp and the Everglades274
Alligators and Crocodiles279
Lake Okeechobee279
Florida A1A (I-95 and US 1) Fort Pierce--Miami282
VIII. Florida Keys--Pleistocene Republic 291
The Florida Reef Tract293
US 1 (Overseas Highway) Biscayne Bay and Upper Keys (Key Largo to Bahia Honda Key298
Holocene History of the Florida Reef Tract300
Pleistocene History of the Key Largo Limestone306
Florida Land Developer--The Coral Animal309
Other Limestone Producers of the Florida Reef Tract311
Where's the Reef? Reefs of Florida--Past and Present313
US 1 (Overseas Highway) Lower Keys (Big Pine Key to Key West)316
Marquesas Keys and Dry Tortugas317
Glossary 323
Appendices 339
References and Suggested Reading 347
About the Authors 376