Geology Underfoot in Illinois

Learn about the Geology of Illinois with maps, photos and expert descriptions! This 6"x9" paperback has 317 pages that are packed with detailed information about Illinois Geology. See table of contents below.

Geology Underfoot in IllinoisTable of Contents

Illinois Back When: An Overview 1
Tips for Exploring the Sites Described in This Book 11
1. Lead Mines and Lovely Hills
Galena and Environs13
2. A Diversionary Tale
Apple River Canyon State Park21
3. A Scenic Bluff, A Zone of Faults, and the Track of a Mighty River
Mississippi Palisades State Park27
4. The Upper Rock River: Part One
Lowden State Park33
5. The Upper Rock River: Part Two
Castle Rock State Park to Dixon39
6. A World of Wind and Melting Glaciers
The Princeton Area and the Green River Lowland45
7. Cliffs, Canyons, and Catastrophes: The Upper Illinois River
Buffalo Rock and Starved Rock State Parks51
8. A Land Like the Rolling Sea
Glacial Park and Environs59
9. A Pocket History of a Freshwater Sea
Illinois Beach State Park67
10. A Primer of North Shore Geology
Lake Bluff to Evanston75
11. In the Land of the Fox
Batavia and Environs85
12. The Architectural Geology of Downtown Chicago: A Sampler
The Near North Side and the Loop93
13. Exploring the Lower Des Plaines
Lockport and Lemont107
14. Blue Island Bracketed
Chicago's South Side113
15. A Deep Look at the Distant Past
Thornton Quarry119
16. In the Path of the Kankakee Torrent
Kankakee River State Park and Environs127
17. The Realm of Fossil Forests
The Mazon Creek Area and the Longwall District135
18. Across a Lazy River
Henry and Environs141
19. A Landscape Throws Off Its Glacial Burden
The Galesburg Plain145
20. Homage to the Mississippian
Nauvoo to Warsaw149
21. The Havana Lowland
Pekin to Havana157
22. Reconstructing a Coal Age Stream
North of Ripley165
23. A Mystery from the Age of the Dinosaurs
The Beverly-Baylis Upland171
24. The 120-Million-Year Hike
Pere Marquette State Park177
25. Moraine-Surfing Down the Interstate
Pontiac to Le Roy183
26. A Tale of Two Rivers
Monticello and Environs191
27. Coal Country and Pennsylvanian Cyclothems
Forest Glen County Preserve and Environs197
28. On the Edge of Two Ages
Shelbyville and the Interlobate Complex203
29. The Black Bounty of the Illinois Basin
Robinson to Rose Hill209
30. The Lower Wabash Considered
Beall Woods State Park and Environs217
31. Caverns, Sinkholes, and Falling Water:
The World According to Karst
Dupo to Illinois Caverns State Natural Area223
32. A Fault-Seeking Expedition
Fountain Bluff to the Pine Hills Escarpment231
33. Sandstone Gorges, Rock Shelters, and a Natural Bridge
Bell Smith Springs239
34. What Goes Down Must Come Up
The Garden of the Gods and the Eagle Valley Syncline245
35. The Geologic Wonders of an (Almost) Undiscovered Country
Hicks Dome to Cave-in-Rock State Park253
36. The Little River That Couldn't
Hamletsburg to Cache River State Natural Area263
37. The Meeting of the Waters
Olmsted to Cairo271
Annotated Bibliography 287
Index 295