Nevada Gold and Gems Maps

A collection of 5 large maps covering the entire state of Nevada. These maps show gold and silver prospecting areas, and locations where the following gems and minerals have been found: actinolite, agate, amethystine, Apache tears, apatite, azurite, barite, beryl, bloodstone, calcite, carnelian, chalcedony, chert, chrysocolla, corundum, epidote, fire opal, fluorite, fossils, garnet, geodes, hematite, jasp-agate, jasper, limb cast, malachite, nodules, obsidian, onyx, opal, opalite, opalized wood, petrified wood, pyrite, quartz, rhodochrosite, rhyolite, selenite, sunstones, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, variscite, wonderstone, wulfenite, zeolite, and zircon.

Nevada Gold and Gems MapsThen and Now

Map 1
Side 1: Gold and Gems, NW Section
Side 2: Mineral Deposits 1866
Map 2
Side 1: Gold and Gems, NE Section
Side 2: Text
Map 3
Side 1: Gold and Gems, SW Section
Side 2: Nevada 1882 North Half
Map 4
Side 1: Gold and Gems, SE Section
Side 2: Nevada 1882 South Half
Map 5
Side 1: Placer Districts 1936
Side 2: Early Towns 1900