Articles About Metals

Rare Earth Elements
REEs Special metals used in cell phones, DVDs, batteries, magnets & many other products.Gifts That Rock
Gifts That Rock - What are the most popular gift items in the store?Gold
Gold An important metal for thousands of years - uses, prospecting, mining, production.Fool*s Gold
Fool*s Gold is a name used for pyrite when its brassy color fools people looking for gold.Uses of Zinc
Zinc is the fourth most widely consumed metal after iron, aluminum, and copper.Silver
Silver - The soft, white, native, metallic element with extreme properties and diverse uses.Geology Tools
Geology Tools - Hammers, field bags, hand lenses, maps, hardness picks, gold pans.Uses of Copper
Copper One of the first metals widely used by people and now used in almost every industry.Titanium
Titanium - The silver metal used in high performance alloys, parts, pigments and polishes.Uses of Nickel
Nickel is a metal used to make stainless steel and alloys that are hard and heat resistant.Uses of Lead
Uses of Lead The soft metal that has been used by humans for more than 5000 years.Uses of Silver
Uses of Silver - Most people think of jewelry and coins, but silver is an industrial metal.Geology of Rare Earths
Geology of Rare Earths They are not rare - just rarely found in minable concentrations.Manganese
Manganese A silver metallic element with diverse uses in metallurgy and manufacturing.Gold Prospecting
Gold Prospecting History, geography and geology of gold prospecting by USGS.Chromium
Chromium The metal that gives the yellow color to school buses and strength to stainless steel.Beryllium
Beryllium is a very light and very stiff metal with a variety of uses critical to national security.Uses of Gold
Gold has many properties that make it extremely well-suited for a diversity of industrial uses.Colored Glass
Colored Glass Facts A number of metals are used to produce the beautiful colors in glass.Fireworks!
The Science of Fireworks Metal oxides are what produce the bright colors of fireworks.