Earthquake Articles, Information, News and Facts

Largest Earthquake
Largest Earthquake - The largest recorded earthquake: M9.5, near Valdivia, southern Chile, 1960.Earthquake Maps
California Earthquake Maps A collection of isoseismal maps for earthquakes in California.San Andreas Fault
What is the San Andreas Fault? Map, photos and description of the fault.Tsunami Causes
What Causes a Tsunami? Learn how plate motions trigger earthquakes and tsunamis.Virginia Earthquakes
Small Earthquakes are experienced in Central Virginia every year or two.Draw Plate Tectonics
Teaching Plate Tectonics with Easy-to-Draw Illustrations. Students love to draw.Japan Earthquake
The Japan Earthquake shifted Earth*s mass resulting in a shorter day.Earthquake Lessons
Earthquake Lessons K-12 resources for teaching about earthquakes.Are You Covered?
Homeowners Insurance usually does not cover earthquake damage.New Madrid Concerns
New Madrid Seismic Zone An earthquake hazard review for the NMSZ.Geology Tools
Geology Tools - Hammers, field bags, hand lenses, maps, hardness picks, gold pans.