Batch reclassify rasters with different elevation ranges

I have about 500 elevation rasters, and I would like to use modelbuilder with an iterator to reclassify each raster into distinct elevation ranges (0-1m, 1-2m, 2-3m, 3-4m, 4-5m). I believe my problem is that each raster has a different range of elevation, is there a work around this? I tried mosaic-ing all the rasters together but reclassify tool does not work on this mosaic.

Create a CSV file:

Low,High,Val 0,1,1 1,2,2 2,3,3 3,4,4 4,5,5

It is best to import it to a dbf, INFO or GDB table after entering the text values.

Then use Reclassify by Table, it doesn't care what the ranges of individual rasters are. According to the documentation, build the statistics first then run this tool (iteratively if you like). From_value_field isLow, To_value_field isHighand Output_value_field isVal. Change the numbers in the Val column to suit your expected outputs, the values I have shown here are illustrative only.

Depending on what you want in your output you can specifyMissing Values: DATAwhich will copy all values not listed in the table as they are orMissing Values: NODATAwhich will set all values not in the table to NODATA.

I ended up having to use Feature Analyst (extension from Overwatch) and used "Image Fusion" tool and clicked "custom", clicked band 1 and input a script assigning values to elevation classes. Then I used batch processing in Lidar Analyst extension to batch process all of the rasters this way. I think regular GIS tools sometimes have trouble handling a lot of LIDAR data